How Do I Handle No Heat Situations?

The EmPower New York and Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Programs are not emergency-services programs. The programs do, however, attempt to respond to emergency situations within the program guidelines and the existing infrastructure for the provision of services.

Emergency:  Heating system failure/inadequate heat for health reasons.

  • AHP & Market Rate Customers
  1. Equipment can be installed prior to Program approval, if the participating contractor is willing to assume the financial risk.
  2. Projects started without Program review and approval must be submitted to the Program within 14 days after the start of work.
  3. If workscope approval is needed before installation, please submit the project and notify CLEAResult ( of the emergency situation as soon as possible.
  4. Project will be prioritized for review, when possible. Turnaround times may be delayed during periods of increased submission volume.
  •  Low-Income Customers
  1. Refer customer to Heating Equipment Repair and Replacement (HERR) program prior to referral to EmPower.
  2. If service is rejected by HERR, project can be referred to EmPower only with documentation of the HERR rejection.
  3. Referral to and coordination with the local WAP Agency may be explored by Honeywell.

Non-Emergency:  Heating system functions and provides inadequate heat but household expresses concerns about mild discomfort and/or inconvenience

  • Follow normal procedures for Home Performance with ENERGY STAR or EmPower.


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