NYSERDA HP Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) Documentation Requirements

1. Provide the Manual J or appropriate methodology/procedure to perform building load calculations (e.g., ACCA Manual J®, ASHRAE Handbook Guidelines, DOE EnergyPlus™, or other approved equivalents per the authority having jurisdiction) report, indicating the HVAC loads, this includes summary report indicating at a minimum the following:

  • Heating and Cooling Design Temperatures
  • Home Orientation / Building Location
  • Building Loads
  • Ventilation Load
  • Infiltration Load
  • Duct Loads
  • Heating Sensible Load
  • Cooling Sensible and Latent Loads

2. Provide copy of the manufacturer's GSHP performance bin data report (based on ASHRAE engineering methods) that specifies the make, model, and capacity of the proposed system.  The bin data report would demonstrate that the contractors design satisfies the design heating load of the home with only reasonable and proper use of “backup” heat and meets the design cooling load.

3. Provide design documentation on the ground interface heat exchanger, indicating fluid temperatures, (extremes heating and cooling) and flow rates are within the range specified in OEM guidelines. 

4. Buried Piping Location Layout Schematics:  Provide drawings (schematics shall be drawn legibly) that show sufficient detail to locate boreholes, trenches, loop fields and any piping, including supply and return lines. It shall show location of vertical or horizontal loops with measured distances to key nearby features such as buildings, septic systems, water wells, driveways, property lines, buried pipes and utilities. It shall also show a cross section of a vertical, directionally-bored, or angle drilling loop with length or depth of boring, degrees of angle from horizontal, and distance from end of borings to property lines. Include all buried header locations.

  1. Warranties for GSHP and earth loop heat exchanger. 
  2. AHRI rating certificate
  3. Documentation on installation contractor of outdoor heat exchange loop (e.g. well driller, excavator), and indoor unit (if not participating contractor). 

NYSERDA may also require further documentation based on project specifics, such as requesting a letter from Manufacturer or Distributor of GSHP equipment, stating at minimum the following: 

  • Customer name and project address.
  • Manufacturer or Distributor name and address.
  • GSHP Model #’s.
  • Approval stating they have reviewed both sizing of the GSHP and heat exchanger design and it meets manufacturer's application guidelines.
  • Signed letter from Manufacturer or Distributor stating name and position in company.
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