How do I submit a Combined/Referral Project in the Portal?

Currently, the Portal is unable to properly process combined/referral projects where an HPXML Combined package is uploaded.

Any time you are submitting a project that includes a referral using an HPXML package, BOTH contractors must select "My company is working on this project alone" under Workscope Proposal stage for their respective projects. This will eliminate the Combined package requirement and allow the projects to properly proceed through the EST stage in the Portal.  

However, a combined package must still be submitted to us, either via or sent directly to and, so that we can screen the combined package for Loan cost-effectiveness (if applicable).  Additionally, if financing is being used, both project submissions from each contractor should be submitted at the same time, as the Review Team cannot approve these projects separately.

Note - Please add a note in the Portal indicating that the project is a combined/referral project so that the review team is alerted to the submission of both contractors.



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