How can I determine if a potential customer has already had a GJGNY Audit or other Program work performed?

It is often necessary for a contractor to determine if a homeowner has utilized the HPwES Program in the past, either a previous GJGNY Audit or other Program work, prior to scheduling an appointment. Asking some simple pre-screening questions of these potential customers can help avoid an unfortunate situation down the road, and eliminate or reduce the need to submit an inquiry to the Help Center. (**Note: We strongly recommend that you have a GJGNY Audit Reservation # from the homeowner in hand prior to arriving at the home for the Audit.)

Have you ever had a GJGNY Free or Reduced Cost Home Assessment, or any kind of Home Energy Assessment or Audit performed on your home?

If a homeowner says "No", you should be able to proceed with scheduling the assessment and directing the homeowner to the application. If they say "I'm not sure", you could mention some aspects of the Audit like the Blower door test ("the big fan in your door"), an IR Camera, or carbon monoxide testing to see if that jogs their memory.

Have you ever had any energy efficiency work performed on your home through the HPwES or EmPower programs? Did you apply for any financing?

You could also ask the homeowner if they’ve applied for any energy efficiency Loans or grants in the past.

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