What are the common window/door errors in TREAT?

• Windows entered as single pane may be questioned. If there are storms on any of these windows, you have to assume winter time conditions and use code 151 for the existing glazing.  TREAT will not recognize the storm windows if you use code 150.

• The cost for windows being installed in an unconditioned basement must be put through as air sealing not a window replacement.

• Door replacements in the unconditioned basement should also be entered as air sealing. Bilco doors are not eligible.

• Glass blocks in a conditioned basement are not eligible because they are not ENERGY STAR. Windows installed outside the thermal boundary, such as a porch, garage, or attic, are also ineligible for the Program.

• Increasing the size of the window/door opening (such as building a new bay window bump out) is considered new construction and the costs for the additional labor and materials are not eligible. Only the price for the window itself should be included in TREAT.

• Most glass doors, such as sliding glass, patio, or French doors, should be modeled as a window replacement, not a door.

• If the new door is at least R-4.4 or ENERGY STAR labeled, then you should use code 22, 23, 31 or 32 for the replacement door. The door description “without thermal break” is not eligible.

• Storm doors are entered as a visual inspection improvement, not a door replacement.

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