Why is my improvement showing negative or no savings in TREAT?

1.  On insulation improvements, is the proposed R-value the same or less than the  existing surface?
If you are insulating a surface in the unconditioned space, but there is no conditioned surface adjacent to that space, then TREAT will not see any heat loss so the improvement will have no savings.

2.  Was the new window or door entered the same or somehow less efficient than the existing?
You can try using the custom window properties, although sometimes removing the custom properties will fix the problem.

Fuel switches from oil to propane will normally show negative savings because there are more Btus per unit of oil than propane and both fuels are relatively expensive.

Cooling improvements will not show any savings if the thermostat is entered as heating only. Make sure the “is area cooled” field on the existing thermostat says “yes”, even if they just have room A/C, or TREAT cannot calculate any cooling usage.

Improvements showing negative savings are NOT eligible for any Program Incentives or Financing.

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