How do I model a new furnace with an ECM motor in TREAT?

Modeling the ECM motor increases the kWh savings for your project.  These additional savings can be shown to your customer when you discuss the project with them.

Under the Appliances section, choose an electric powered appliance from the Appliance Library, change its name to “Furnace Blower Motor” and enter the estimated kWh used by the current motor  (For a rough estimate of existing motor usage, you can take the Horse Power of the motor [if accessible] and multiply each tenth by 245. Example: a .5 HP motor would be 5x245=1225 kWh).  The improvement would be considered an Appliance Replacement.  Replace this appliance with an “ECM motor” appliance.  The new ECM motor usage can be found on the AHRI certificate under “Eae” for the furnace model being installed.

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