My customer has municipal electric or gas heat. What are they eligible for?

As of March 1, 2016, heating fuel and gas utility are no longer determining factors with regards to project eligibility. If the customer has a Clean Energy Fund (CEF) electric provider, they are eligible for incentives.

Customers of the following electric providers will have all eligible measures funded by CEF:

  • Central Hudson
  • Con Edison
  • National Grid
  • Orange & Rockland
  • Rochester Gas and Electric


Customers of Co-op/Municipal utilities that do not participate in CEF will be processed as follows:

  • Oil/delivered fuel and natural gas/propane saving measures will be funded by RGGI (please be aware that there is limited funding).
  • Electric savings measures are not eligible for incentives (no change to the rules that were in place prior to the CEF).

PSEGLI customers with natural gas and no central AC or oil to gas conversions are not eligible for NYSERDA incentives. However, they are eligible for financing.

For the On-Bill Recovery (OBR) Loan, customers must have either an electric or natural gas provider that participates in OBR. The following utilities offer OBR: Central Hudson, Con Edison, National Fuel, National Grid (NYC and Upstate), NYSEG, Orange & Rockland, and Rochester Gas and Electric. The Smart Energy Loan is available statewide regardless of utility territory.

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