Does mixed-use property (commercial business attached to a home) qualify for the free/reduced cost audit?

Multifamily units that are located in the same building as commercial space (e.g. retail, restaurant, etc.) may be qualified for HPwES even if the structure is permitted as commercial. The customer should call the HPwES Audit Call Center at (855) 838-7818. The Customer Service Representative will ask the customer the following questions in the following order:

1. Do the residential units have their own heating, cooling, and hot water systems separate from the commercial space? If “yes”, then skip to #3, if “no”, then answer #2.

2. If these are systems that are shared, do they use residential scale equipment (heating equipment under 300,000 Btu)? If “yes”, then skip to #3, if “no”, then the building does not qualify. If unknown and the answer to #3 is “no” then the building does not qualify.

3. Is the square footage of the residential space is at least 50% of the building total. If “yes”, then the building is eligible for a free/reduced cost audit. If “no” the building does not qualify.

If the building qualifies the call center can collect the required audit information over the phone.

Note: For mixed use buildings, free/reduced cost audits may be available through GJGNY for buildings with one to four residential units based upon the owner’s income. At the auditors discretion, the commercial space may be included as part of the audit; however, the maximum audit reimbursement will be capped at $400 (calculated based on the residential space). Depending on ownership structure, GJGNY financing may be available for qualified parties through the residential, small business/not for profit, or multifamily finance programs.

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