How do I change an e-mail address in my Contractor Profile on the NY HP Portal (“task e-mail” or “contact e-mail”)?

Two e-mail addresses can be set in Portal, in addition to the user e-mail addresses: the “task” e-mail and the “contact” e-mail. Each e-mail-type can only have one e-mail address associated.

The “task e-mail” address receives all automatically generated e-mails sent out of Portal, including audit application approval letters. Contractors are able to change the task e-mail address on their own. In the Portal, the contractor will go to Settings at the top of the screen then select "Task Options" from the left-hand side of the page.

The “contact e-mail” is the e-mail address that displays to customers on the Contractor List, so customers can use it to contact the company. 

In order for a contractor to change their "contact" e-mail address, contractors should contact the Contractor Help Center:  Call 1-800-284-9069, email or login to chat with an agent or submit a ticket.

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