How do I submit a change order in the Portal?

At any point after your project has been successfully reviewed you can submit a change order. This will generally occur when your project is in the Final Project Submission stage.

1. Click the button This Task can not be completed

2. Select option for Adding or removing measures and/or costs in the workscope
3. The change order file will get uploaded in the same section as the contract package.

  • Referral Work: The combined package will need to be updated as well.
  • RHA Users: Delete the original RHA contract and create a new one.

4. The project will then advance through Eligibility screening.

  • Before the project can go through EST it will need to be reset to clear out the old information.
  • To do this click on the Reset button below the Questionnaire tab in the EST.
  • All change orders must re-complete the EST and Contract Submission stages again.

5. CLEAResult will approve and send the revised Eligibility Summary Report to EFS and the contractor upon a successful review.


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